Crystal Haze jewelry

Crystal Haze - the Norwegian jewelery brand that is on everyone's lips during the day. Based in Oslo, Ophelia Alicka designs unique jewellery, bracelets and earrings inspired by childhood memories that will give you that nostalgic, good feeling.

Crystal Haze bear


Bring out your playful side and dress up in sparkling diamonds, beautiful jewelery and fun charms.

Crytal haze nostalgia bear gold

Mix and match different links and pendants to create your unique look.

Buy Crystal Haze berry and lucky charm pendant Buy Nostalgia Bear , Evil Eye and Norwegian Lucky Troll at Dale.


Add that little something extra to your outfit with beautiful diamond hoops from Crystal Haze.

Beautiful earrings from Crystal Haze
The earrings are made of gold-plated brass in high-quality materials.


Create your own unique look layer upon layer with your favorite jewelery from Crystal Haze. Mix lengths and links with pendants that reflect your personality. Jewelery from Norwegian Crystal Haze.
See all the links from Crystal Haze here .

Crystal Haze Ms. Vaxxine
Crystal Haze Ms. Vaxxine - a symbol of what Ophelia Alicka's facial expression looked like when she found out Crystal Haze was growing strongly. On the back is engraved "FCK RONA".

links from crystal haze

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