Autumn Barbour jackets

For generations, Barbour has designed jackets for the classic woman and man. Whether you go for a timeless model or the season's newest addition , the Barbour Premium Cotton Wax Jacket, you are guaranteed to find a new wardrobe favorite from Barbour at Dale.
We have carefully handpicked the best from each collection for you.
News from Barbour for women and men
The jackets from Barbour are just as suitable for a walk in the woods and mountains as for a trip to town for lunch or shopping. If you choose to go for the best-selling wax jacket from Barbour, it's a good idea to put it in with Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing to preserve it.
Barbour jacket for men
See the latest Barbour news for men here.

Wax Jacket from Barbour

Barbour is probably best known for its well-known wax jackets for women and men . With passion for details, the wax jackets are produced in a very special way that makes them durable and gives them a unique water-repellent property. A jacket from Barbour is just as good for spring as it is for autumn.

Barbour jacket

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