The summer's most beautiful linen garment comes from Skall Studio. Linen is perfect on hot summer days. Light, loose and free, just the way we like it. Linen is both heat-regulating and moisture-absorbing.
This season you will be dressing in sets, and we will definitely be moving into this delicious linen set from Skall Studio. The jacket can be worn both with and without a waist belt. For a more relaxed look, style the linen trousers with a white t-shirt and a pair of sandals.
Buy the beautiful lens set from Skall Studio
Linen is a material we see in fashion every summer. This season you should wear it as a set, whether it's trousers and a shirt, or a blouse together with a long skirt.
Skall Studio Devi dress and blouse
Linen is timeless and versatile, and is a safe trend to invest in. Admittedly, it gets easily wrinkled, so we recommend that you go over the garments with a steamer.

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